Our commitments

Respect for the environment and for human being

FYE or for your Earth was born out of the will to act in favor of our planet. By rethinking the production system, we wanted to limit the ecological footprint, i.e. the use of natural resources related to the manufacture of FYE footwear.

If each of us does as much as he can with conviction and responsibility, I assure you that we will do a lot. – Pierre Rabhi

Aware that the earth belongs to our children, FYE wishes to ensure the sustainability of the resources available for future generations. FYE is then part of a responsible approach and sets up a set of environmental and social actions.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the impact of footwear production on ecosystems and biodiversity and to fight against climate change.


Our commitments

FYE contributes to the protection of the environment by reducing the use of virgin materials and extending the life of plastic bottles and used shoes.

Asia has mastered the best textile manufacturing techniques from recycled plastic bottles.
For this reason, and to allow this shoe to be produced at an affordable price, we decided to produce it in Taiwan.

We hope, eventually, to bring the place of production closer to the place of distribution.



50% recycled footwear
25% natural rubber
25% synthetic rubber (for resistance)



50% recycled footwear and sawdust
25% natural rubber
25% synthetic rubber



Organic cotton and recycled polyester



Natural or certified non-harmful pigments.